Because clean air matters

Part of our success is due to our long history of producing world class, market leading products, while continuing to focus on product development. Design, production and applications technology are all areas in which we excel. We supply a broad range of extractor arms and accessories to ensure our customers attain optimal solutions to their individual needs.

Fumes dissipated by fans or exhausted outside are still harmful and can re-enter the facility through vent doors and windows.

Filtration is the only way to remove harmful fumes.

Unfiltered, exhausted vapors can also affect neighboring business, schools and homes.

Our products provide documented improved and healthier working environments. Our solutions promote healthier and more motivated personnel with fewer work-related absences due to illness. Lower energy consumption and heating costs are often benefits realized. Please contact us for further information.

Industry beating Lead Times.

In today’s society, we understand time is in short supply. To ensure our business is as responsive as possible we have a 12,000 sq feet of warehouse in Schaumburg Illinois. This facility holds stock of all standard products which can be shipped same day or next day. Please contact us for details.

We have trained technicians on site to assist with your applications questions.

Our goal is to be known for our industry leading levels of service, flexibility and fast deliveries.

We commit to constantly working to become even better at helping our customers.

We can accomplish this thanks to our skilled and experienced staff – fully committed to continuous improvement and growth.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Benefits

Safety – Removes harmful fumes and returns clean air.

Cost – No building improvement cost and reduced utility expense.

Environment – The only way to eradicate harmful fumes.

Local Legislation – May prohibit exhausting harmful fumes.

Flexibility – Purex units are portable and easy to move.

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