Fume Extraction: Let’s clear the air on what you and your employees are breathing….

If you operate a plant, lab or shop that creates dust, smoke, vapors or fumes, the air around the process can become unfriendly to humans and even your machines. Any operation where materials are cut, marked, heated, burned or physically altered can produce harmful airborne materials.

What’s the solution? You could install costly ducting to vent the pollution to the outside air, which solves one problem by creating others. Or, you could take a more effective and cost-effective solution, Purex fume extraction systems.

Purex fume extractors use exclusive technology to effectively clean your dirty air, keeping employees, neighbors and even your budget in good shape. Here are just some of the applications for Purex Fume Extractors.

  • Electronics Assembly: Soldering and production lines
  • Laser engraving and cutting of materials
  • Laser marking and coding
  • Dental labs
  • Beauty and nail salons
  • Many other applications and industries
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News & Events

BSE Announces Aerosol Solution

BSE Aerosol Solution Designed to be used where bio-aerosols are projected into the air.  Can also be utilized in any settings where close proximity is necessary.   Click on the link below to learn more: Email us at sales@purexinc.com for a quote today! Read More

Featured Product 650!

The 650 is a versatile all in one portable fume extractor.  With an available second arm, it can be used for larger capture of a single area or to remove fumes from two separate areas. Continue in Newsletter Read More

Purex Launches Upgraded Filter Design at Apex

Purex Incorporated will be exhibiting at the 2017 APEX EXPO in San Diego, California February 14 through 16. The Purex booth number 2625, will have a full representation the our fume extraction solutions for applications such as selective solder, reflow ovens, laser marking and more. Purex employees will be on hand Read More

Local Exhaust Ventilation Benefits


Removes harmful fumes and returns clean air.


No building improvement cost and reduced utility expense.


The only way to eradicate harmful fumes


May prohibit exhausting harmful fumes.


Purex units are portable and easy to move.

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