Customer comfort is critical to a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The value of a fume and odor free environment is unmeasurable when it comes to customer and employee satisfaction.


Recommended Machine:


Nail Treatments

Nail polishes, polish remover and solvents put off odors and fumes which can cause discomfort and headaches.  Additionally, particulate for trimming and polishing nails and cuticles can become airborne and are mixed with respirable air.  From small units to centralized systems we can help remove these conditions making the environment healthier and more comfortable

Hair Salon Treatments

Hair treatment products for coloring, straightening and other processes can be very caustic and irritating. Both the stylist and the client alike can suffer from headaches, burning eyes, breathing issues and irritating odors which permeate throughout the salon.  Our extraction systems can filter the odors and vapor caused by these processes. Contact us for more information on what options are available.

Laser Cosmetics

When using a laser for cosmetics odors such as burning skin or hair can fill the air of the treatment room. Additionally, the skin and hair turn to air born particulate which become respirable.  Using a Purex fume extractor your treatment room becomes more comfortable for the doctor or technician as well as the client.