Purex Launches Upgraded Filter Design at Apex

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Purex Incorporated will be exhibiting at the 2017 APEX EXPO in San Diego, California February 14 through 16. The Purex booth number 2625, will have a full representation the our fume extraction solutions for applications such as selective solder, reflow ovens, laser marking and more. Purex employees will be on hand to discuss your specific applications and the solutions which will fit your needs.

Purex filters are used throughout the industry to filter gases and particulates that are generated by a wide variety of applications such as, laser coding and engraving, hand and machine soldering, chemical handling, coating and spraying and many others.
They use a combination of blended activated charcoal to adsorb gases and high grade H14 HEPA media to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.997%.

Our current Zintec Steel filters are already the most robust and best performing filters on the market. To further improve on these, we will phase in new filter cases manufactured from galvanized steel which is even more robust.

Like Zintec, galvanized steel also helps prevent corrosion. Both kinds of Purex filter perform much better than wooden or cardboard framed filters which are available on the market from other manufacturers. Filters manufactured from cardboard, wood or MDF are prone to leakage when they encounter moisture in the fume. This leakage can expose people to hazardous fumes which is an obvious health and safety breach. By using Purex filters this problem is not an issue.